All your holiday home needs under one roof

Decorating your holiday home

When you are furnishing your holiday-home remember that you are furnishing it for guests who are often looking for individuality and a touch of luxury. Think carefully about your target audience, are you in walking country so need somewhere for muddy boots, a seaside cottage which may attract families or a romantic hideaway for two, each will need a different approach. One size doesn’t fit all when setting up a holiday home, think carefully and spend wisely. Our experienced staff will help you with inspiration and help you make that great first impression.


Buy the best you can afford, remember they will get a lot of use so it's better to buy for longevity, flat pack which won't last will be more expensive in the long run if you have to keep replacing it. Look for pieces with a bit of individuality, customers often want what they don't have at home, something a bit different. Highly polished furniture may stain easily. Go for hardwearing and robust rather than overly decorative and fragile. Think about the colour of soft furnishings light coloured fabrics stain easily. A co-ordinated look with complimentary colours always looks good and stylish, if you use monochrome then add a pop of colour I with cushions and artwork. Read a couple of homestyle magazines for interest, Pinterest is also good for inspiration or take a tour round our website and glean some ideas from our super cottages. You can use a mix of mis matched styles and furniture if that is what you have, pull this together with colours, textures and artwork, this is where a reflection of the local area can come into its own. Whatever you do take an impartial look at your property and put yourself in the shoes of a holiday maker and you won’t go far wrong.


There are now many hardwearing paints available which can be washed easily (they say even scrubbed!) use colours which can be touched up and always keep a record of the colours you have used, it is very easy to forget! Decoration can be used to reflect the area, seaside, city or countryside all go down well as does artwork from the local area or local specialties such as wood or stone. Take your own photos of local landmarks and have them framed, a lovely personal touch. If your property is small don't overload with decorative items but still make your property look cosy, a few well-chosen items which reflect the style of the property are ideal. If you have a large property, then you can be more adventurous and ensure that even the largest of properties has a cosy feel and makes your guests feel welcome. A feature wall adds interest either paint or paper, try to co-ordinate the property to give a seamless feel. Always think of ease of cleaning and redecorating!

Sitting and Sleeping

If you can spend a night or two in your property before letting, then do. You will soon see how comfortable the sofas, chairs and beds are. Don't be tempted by wicker chairs, futons or outside style sofas for inside use, they are not comfortable and tend to look unwelcoming. Guests want to sit and relax, put their feet up and enjoy their time away, a super comfy sofa is as must. Matrasses need to be of a good quality, we all have different tastes, best to opt for a medium hardness, a good night’s sleep is essential. Fluffy pillows and a good quality quilt are important and remember to replace them when they start to show signs of wear. Bedside lights and lights in the living room need to be positioned to allow for easy reading, being on holiday might be the only time there is chance to read a book!!

Attracting guests 

Think about the flexibility of your property, you want as many bookings as possible. Zip and link beds give sleeping flexibility. If you are a walking and cycling area safe cycle storage and somewhere for walking gear will attract the outdoor types. If you are family friendly then some toys, stair gates and some pretty child sized crockery might be nice. For those who bring along a doggie think of an inexpensive doggie welcome pack. Games, DVD’s, jigsaws books and magazines are all welcome items, a couple of cookery books, picked up from the charity shops are a nice touch.

Listen to feedback from customers and use this to continuously improve your property, your property needs to stand out so think of ways you can make it that bit different from everyone else. Think of using local hampers with local produce or offer an afternoon tea at a local café or first drinks for 2 at the local pub. Be inventive but above all enjoy your property, it is a big investment so have fun and we will be here for any support you need.