All your holiday home needs under one roof

Property Checks

Many insurers recognise the risk of leaving a property unoccupied for an extended period of time and so for your peace-of-mind and theirs we can conduct Property Checks after every changeover (or as required) on your behalf. 

For security, most insurers now require documented Property Checks for periods of unoccupancy, which, depending upon your chosen insurer, can be anything from every 7 days to monthly in frequency. In many cases there are also stipulations for minimum property temperatures (particularly in the winter time). Our property checks can assist you with this, ensuring the terms and conditions of your policy are always met. 

Regular Property Checks also provide a valuable opportunity to monitor your holiday home, checking the cleanliness levels, carrying out repairs as required and leaving fresh Welcome Packs for your new arrivals, which helps to ensure a great and consistent experience for your guests. We’re also happy to gather any incoming post and forward to you, or dispose of any junk mail before it accumulates (never a good first impression!). 

We also offer an annual property check service. This is an invaluable assessment of your property, providing you with a review that considers property maintenance and quality. For example, we may recommend that some redecoration is required, or that cushions or pillows need to be replaced. We are, of course, happy to help with any action required from these suggestions.